Luftblasen Grafik
Wind parks in Romania and Bulgaria produce clean electricity.

In the field of wind power, the KI-Kelag International GmbH invested predominantly in Romania and Bulgaria. First steps were taken in 2009, now there are four wind parks in Romania and Bulgaria in operation.


Windpark Balchik
Windpark Balchik
The establishment of the Bulgarian wind power project Balchik was completed in October 2010, the commercial all-out operation running successfully since March 2011.

 Investors  Kelag International GmbH
 Owner and Operator   Windfarm Balchik 1, 2 & 4 OOD
 Location  Balchik, Dobrich county, Bulgarian Black Sea
 Type of the Facility  Vestas V90
 Production Capacity    5 Units, each 2.0 MW
 Electricity Supply    9,300 households

Windpark Mihai Viteazu
Windpark Mihai Viteazu
The Windfarm Mihai Viteazu is located in one of Romania’s most windy region Dobrogea and was completed at the end of 2011.


 Investor Kelag International GmbH
 Owner and Operator SC Windfarm MV I S.R.L.
 Location Mihai Viteazu, Constanta county, Romanian Black Sea cost
 Type of the Facility Enercon E70
 Production Capacity 6 Units, each 2.3 MW
 Electricity Supply 10,600 households


Windpark Dudesti
Windpark Dudesti
The construction of the wind park Dudesti I started in the fall of 2012. The project was completed in early summer 2013.


 Investor  Kelag International GmbH
 Owner and Operator  SC Kelavent Charlie S.R.L.
 Loaction  Dudesti, Braila county
 Type of the Facility  Vestas V90
 Production Capacity  4 Units, each 2.0 MW
 Electricity Supply  7,200 households


Windpark Pogoanele
Windpark Pogoanele
The construction of Windfarm Pogoanele started in Spring 2013 and was completed in December 2013. The commissioning process has been finished in May 2014.


Investor Kelag International GmbH
Owner and Operator SC Kelavent Echo S.R.L.
Loaction Pogoanele, Buzau county
Type of the Facility Vestas V90
Production Capacity 4 Units, each 2.0 MW
Electricity Supply 6,700 households