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Clean energy from hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics

KI-Kelag International GmbH

KI-Kelag International GmbH pursues a value-oriented, organic growth and innovation strategy based on renewable energies and energy efficiency.

KI-KELAG International GmbH pools the international activities of the Kelag Group in the fields of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics and energy trading abroad.


With its subsidiary Interenergo d.o.o., KI-KELAG International GmbH is working on the development of hydroelectric power plant projects and electricity trading in many countries of Southeastern Europe.

Wind power

KI-KELAG International GmbH generates clean electricity from wind power on five wind farms in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.


KI-KELAG International GmbH facilitates sustainable use of solar energy with its photovoltaic plants in Slovenia.